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Recreational Dance


Minimum class size of 8 is required to run this class.

Join the movement!

Join Li and Hannah.

Learn the basics of Ballet and Jazz in a fun and playful environment!

Dancing and music are great ways to get moving and to gain coordination.

Improved Social Skills/Creativity/Coordination:

Dancing in a group  with other young dancers, learning the steps together and the team work to make a routine possible is a a great way to gain social skills.

Creativity is sharpened while picturing and learning to execute movements.

Motivation, persistence and working towards a goal are all great lessons, that form.

This is a recreational class not a competitive class.


Classes begin on January 28, 2023

2-3 years old 9-9:30

4-6 years old 9:45 - 10:45

7-10 years old 11:00 - 12:00

Jazz Ballet, Movement Expression, Dance Games and other methods in learning a fresh creatiove personal expression.

This session is 10 weeks - The last session is April 1, 2023

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