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Musical Theatre jr
Saturdays - 1 year

Led By Alcina Chiu/ Edward Enman

The MCT Musical Theatre class runs from September to May.  It is split into fall and winter sessions- with winter additions building on fall experiences.

This class will teach acting, singing, and dance technique with an emphasis on the storytelling aspect of musical theatre. Students will work their vocal and dance technique through the lens of expressing intention and emotion, shaping not just singer-dancers but true triple-threat performers. Students will explore the musical theatre repertoire, learning about different composers and styles. The first session culminates in an open class performance featuring the creation of their own works. The second session culminates in an on-stage performance.


In the fall session, the students will begin the creation of a new musical piece, book, music and lyrics (no experience of this required!) with a writer/composer. The creation process will focus on imagination and collaboration. We will sometimes invite theatre artists to present MASTERCLASSES to the students (ie. clown, mime, mask). The fall session will lead to a performance/presentation of work on the final day of the session.

In the winter session, in addition to the continued creation of the piece, the students will prepare and rehearse the final musical product, which will be presented on the final day of this session.


Musical Theatre is split into two groups, juniors and seniors. All students begin as one and will split into two groups to work on their separate areas.  At the end of one year the performances combine. The songs, dances and script that the senior group wrote throughout the year are performed as the opening to the show. Juniors and Seniors then join together for one large Musical Theatre show.

Age Group:  7-17 (separate groups: ( 7-9) & (10-12) for those 12+see Musical Theatre SR

Study Level: No previous experience necessary
Class Day and Time: Saturdays, 10:00am-11:30am
Class Begins: Saturday, September 23, 2023

Length of Class: 24 weeks

If you enroll more than one student from the same family, you will receive a 5% discount. 

Please note that some productions can generate show fees. These fees range from $50 - $175 depending on the production.

STEEL PAN ADDITION: For musical theatre students this fall, we are offering a special opportunity. Running right before the musical theatre class each Saturday in the fall (a total of 12 classes) will be a Steel Pan instrument class. For Musical Theatre students, we are offering you the opportunity to enroll in that class as well, for an additional $75. You must specify yes or no for steel pan.

Steel Pan Class Day and Time: Saturdays, 9:30AM to 10:30AM, beginning Saturday September 23

Musical Theatre 2021-2022: Programs
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