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Piano on Stage

Sound, Lights, Video and Streaming

Led by Brendan Mirotchnick

When designing the lighting and sound for a show, you are not only creating a physical world, but you are also creating the unconscious world for the audience. Lighting and Sound design harnesses moods, feelings, atmospheres, surprises, slow builds and so much more.

In this class, students will work together to learn about the unmissable core of theatre making, the lighting and sound design. This class will include elements of lighting design, light technology, sound design, sound technology, script analysis and technological operation. We will also explore videography and streaming.

Age Group:  Ages  7+
Number of Students:  12

Study Level: no experience necessary
Class Day and Time:  Sundays, 3-5pm
Class Begins:  Start Date TBC
Length of Class:  6 weeks

Lighting and Sound Design: Service
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